A Luxe Natural Lipstick Line

I am a sucker for beautiful packaging, especially when it’s lipstick.  It is even more amazing when that same lipstick has an amazing formula, great and safe ingredients and a pretty color. So, I was pretty shocked when the lipstick line from A’del Cosmetics hit all of those! The sleek black and gold packaging drew me in immediately. It even reminded me of some high-end conventional lipsticks I used to own.


a bit about the brand…

A’del Natural Cosmetics was founded by Arlene Dougherty as a response to a holistic lifestyle change. After experiencing her own health issues, she wanted to feel confident about the ingredients in her skincare and makeup. A’del makes skincare and makeup using minimally processed ingredients and going as organic as possible. Their lipsticks have been my absolute favorite thing I have tried, but I am looking forward to trying out more from this amazing company!


the lipstick…

The lipsticks from A’del Natural Cosmetics come in seven different colors. The colors vary from pale nudes, to classic reds to fun deep cherry colors. They offer a satin, sheer to medium coverage and are great for keeping in your purse and touching up throughout the day. The packaging is sleep, luxe and simple, my favorite!

My favorites from the line are Barely There, Nude and Berry!


What is your favorite natural lipstick line?


Olivia Roxanne

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