Toxic vs. Nontoxic Drugstore Mascara

How healthy is your mascara?

When I was making the transition to living a more natural lifestyle, the first area I looked at making change was my makeup bag. When I looked through my makeup bag, I realized that many of my products had harmful ingredients. I couldn’t afford to switch out all of my makeup, so I wanted to focus on one area that would be easy and inexpensive to switch out.

So I decided to switch out my mascara, and took to the ThinkDirty App for help. The ThinkDirty App ranks skincare, makeup and body care items by the toxicity of the ingredients. A 0 to 3 on their scale means the product is very safe, a 4 to 7 is cause for a second look at the ingredients, and a 8 to 10 means that the products contains toxic ingredients and to probably avoid using that product.

It was really helpful for me to see what brands offered safer mascaras, and which natural brands were creating affordable and safe mascaras! You can check out this post I wrote about toxic foundations to see how your favorite foundations rank!

Here is a list of drugstore mascara favorites ranked by the toxicity of their ingredients for you to use and to ease the transition into a more natural lifestyle!


10 (3).png

What are your favorite affordable natural mascaras? Let me know below!


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  1. Ah! I’m actually really bad at getting around to using my mascara, so I never really thought about their ingredients like other makeup! Thanks for the graphic, I’m pinning.

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