Joining Green Moves with 337 Brand

I have been doing a little life evaluation and reset. Part of this life reset has been setting new directions for my life.Β  One of the goals that I have is to be more intentional with the clothing I buy and use.Β  So, I decluttered my closet, but as I thought about future clothing purchases, I knew wanted them to be intentional and sustainable.

Mika T-Shirt Dress from the 377 Brand

So one night as I was scrolling through Instagram I stumbled across a really cool brand whose motto and intentions I really admired. The brand was called the 337 Brand. They were revolutionizing the fashion industry by making their brand environmentally friendly. The brand make sustainable basics that can be easily dressed up or down, depending on your style.

337 Brand, the ethical fashion brand

A little about 337

They use four types of materials to make their clothing. They use organic cotton, up-cycled cotton (scraps and discarded fabrics from other companies), recycled polyester (think plastic bottles) and bamboo rayon. Not only are the fabrics in the clothing eco-friendly, but they are super comfortable!

Probably the coolest thing about this brand is that for every purchase made, a tree is planted! This brand really embraces what it means to live sustainably. They had a cool campaign going on called #joingreenmoves that was inspiring others to hop on the ethical fashion train. When I saw this I knew I needed to be a part of it…

Mika T-Shirt Dress 337 Brand



In today’s post I am rocking their Mika T-shirt dress,Β  which is made from forty five percent organic cotton, and fifty-five percent bamboo rayon. I love how comfortable this dress is, the versatility, and of course the olive green color is my absolute favorite!

Check out the 337 Brand Instagram page for more inspiration on how you can shop ethically andΒ  #joingreenmoves!

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