How To Begin A Devotional Life

In the hustle of our daily lives, it is hard to commit to stillness, to silence. Setting time aside to build your devotional life and relationship with God takes discipline and practice. So how can we commit? What are some practices we can put in place to be intentional about our time in prayer?

Why is a strong devotional life important?

Building a strong devotional life is very important for growing in our relationship with God and securing our identity in Christ. The Bible calls us to meditate on God’s word, to spend time in prayer, and toย  But habits can be hard to stick to, especially for someone like me. I have tried many different ways to make my devotional life consistent, and these are the tips andย  tricks I have picked up that have really helped, and could help you in your devotional life!

Time and Place

This is the most common advice I received when starting my devotional life was to pick a time and place. Most of the people I got advice from said the mornings were the best time for them. Having your devotions in the morning is useful as it puts your time with God first, and prioritizes that time above anything else. However, I would add to this advice and say to pick a time and place that improves your intentionality.

I know for me, I do my devotions in the morning during the school year because I am so busy. But during the summer, I can get my cup of coffee, sit down in a quiet spot and wait for the coffee to kick in before I dive into scripture. My time with God is more intentional because I am not rushed to get out the door. This year I am planning on changing up my time of devotions, and setting a reminder on my phone so I don’t forget!

Pray, Read, Listen

The aspects of a devotional life that I have found to be the most fulfilling are prayer, reading scripture, and listening for a response. We are called to spend time in the word and in prayer. As with any relationship in your life, you could not expect it to develop if you never spent time getting to know them or talking to them. Remember that we serve a relational God who cares deeply for your soul. I have included the last aspect listen because I struggle so hard with doing this. My time with God can be dominated by me, asking worrying and wondering.ย  At the beginning of my devotional life I would never sit and listen to what the Spirit was saying and moving in me.

Stay Out Of A Check-List Mindset

Once I got a time and place set, and had a little routine down, I found it easy to slip into a check list mindset. My devotional life became one step in my morning to-do list, rather than intentional time. They became It became a little routine, and I found I wasn’t progressing the way I wanted to. When I found I was slipping into a check list mindset, I took a step back and evaluated. Was I distracted by my phone? Was I not engaged in the text? So I would put my phone far away, or I would change up my routine that day. Maybe I would listen to christian music and meditate on the words, maybe I would journal or take notes to keep my mind engaged. All of these things helped me stay intentional with my time, and keep my devotional life fruitful.

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Olivia Roxanne

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