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I love discovering small brands that embody intentionality and purpose in their products. I have recently discovered a few small, beautiful  natural skincare and makeup brands that make truly excellent products.

True Formulation

A bit about the brand:

TrueFormulation  skincare was created by Sophie to be a premium skincare that is 100 percent natural. Free of artificial fragrances and chemical additives, this skincare line is a dream come true for the natural skincare lover. Their products are handmade fresh upon each order and due to their natural ingredients, they expire within two months. But, you can sign up for a replenishment service to never be without any of your favorites!

My favorite products from this brand are their Honey Rose Face Cream and their Rose Elixir Toner.

natural skincare trueformulation

Wild Bloom Skincare

A bit about the brand:

A fear some people may have in switching to clean and natural skincare is that they may have to sacrifice the feel of conventional products. While it is nice to step outside f your comfort zone and explore many different options, I think is is amazing when a green beauty company gives the feel and look of products that are familiar.

That is what I have found in WildBloom Skincare. It is a pretty new green beauty skincare company based in Colorado and offers a full range of clean and natural skincare items for any skin type. Can we just take a moment and appreciate the beautiful packaging? Sigh… I could look at it all day.

A cool aspect of WildBloom Skincare is that they base every single ingredient they use on the EWG Skin Deep Database! This ensures the ingredients are the purest and best for your skin. I love their Essential Glow Face Oil.

Natural skincare wildbloom clay mask

Live Botanical

A little bit about the brand:

Live Botanical is a green beauty brand that strives to bring healthy, beautiful and environmentally responsible body and skincare. They used unrefined oils and botanical extracts to make clean beauty products that are good for your body and for the planet. They never use harmful preservatives or animal products, so they are a great option for vegans. My absolute favorite beauty product they sell is their Oceania body cream, which smells incredibly fresh and has a long lasting scent. It is great for when you need that extra hydration.  I have gotten so many compliments on this one!

Natural Skincare Live Botanical Oceania Body Cream

Have you tried any of these brands? Leave your comment below!

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